Domenico Franchi

Domenico Franchi is a stage designer, costume designer and visual artist, born in Brescia in 1968.

Since 1992 till today he has signed stage and costumes of many operas, plays and contemporary dance perfomances. In 2009 he is awarded the International Prize Cinearti La Chioma di Berenice as best Italian theater costumes for the contemporary work Il Carro e i Canti by Alessandro Solbiati, directed by Ignacio Garcia, staged at the Teatro Verdi in Trieste.

In January 2020 the international magazine The Scenographer has published a monographic issue to his activity as set and costume designer.

From 2005 to 2016 he was professor and faculty coordinator of stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts Santa Giulia in Brescia. From 2010 to 2013 he is educator and coordinating teacher of the activities of MachinaImpresa, a project of Regione Lombardia Eccellente for practical education of young entrepreneurs in the field of Design, Fashion, Communication and Marketing

From 1995 to 2002 an intensive collaboration with the choreographer and dancer Giulia Gussago and the composer Mauro Montalbetti  made him develop an interest in experimentation with contemporary dance and music. In this period he elaborates installations and performances which investigate the potentiality of movement and the use of “dramaturgic” visual art in relation to dance and music.

In 2002 the art gallery AAB in Brescia stages a personal exhibition of his works, showing his intense research of these years. Since 2009 this collaboration has revived and has given birth to a video installation, To Be Soul, first study on infinity, presented as preview at the 10th edition of Danza/Parco in 2010.

In parallel with his activity for theatre and performances, he creates his contemporary art installations. As visual artist he uses various expressive techniques and in the last years he has approached the language of digital images and videos, through which he investigates the condition and the quality of human life.

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