Si suoni la tromba
Sep 2023
Saturday, September 16, 2023


Si suoni la tromba

Julian Zimmermann | Diego Ares | Sophie Lamberbourg

Schlosskirche Bayreuth

Duration approx. one hour, no break.

“Si suoni la tromba!” – “Let the trumpets sound!” This is the title chosen by the sopranist Dennis Orellana, Baroque trumpeter Julian Zimmermann, harpsichordist Diego Ares and cellist Sophie Lamberbourg as they devote their talents to the musical relationship between the human voice and the sound of the trumpet. Baroque music made very frugal use of the trumpet, but with all the more impact when it did. Festive fanfares, glorification of rulers, ecstatic war rhetoric were transposed into sound through this instrument. The use of the trumpet was extraordinarily effective especially in connection with singing.

Dennis Orellana’s youthful soprano voice unites with the clarion sounds of this signal instrument; while the concert includes music by Girolamo Fantini, Antonio Maria Bononcini, Francesco Gasparini, Bernardo Pasquini and Antonio Caldara, it revolves around Alessandro Scarlatti’s 7 Arias with Solo Trumpet, which alternates warlike clarions with jubilant and festive sounds, and the expressive range of the trumpet is enhanced with tender and emotional tones of love and yearning. Occasionally the trumpet has to remain silent, for instance when Caldara’s “Pompe inutile” from Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo sings of the vanity of earthly pomp.



Alessandro Scarlatti (1660–1725)
“Si suoni la tromba“
from 7 Arie con tromba sola

Introduzione III

“Farò la vendetta“
from 7 Arie con tromba sola

Girolamo Fantini (1600–1675)
Seconda chiamata, che và sonata avanti la Battaglia
Signal tune from Modo per imparare a sonare di tromba

Alessandro Scarlatti
“In terra la querra“
from 7 Arie con tromba sola

Antonio Maria Bononcini (1677–1726)
Sonata for Cello Solo
Largo affetuoso – Allegro – Adagio – Sarabanda

Francesco Gasparini (1661–1727)
“Sento nel sen combattere“
Cantata da camera for Voice Solo in 4 movements op. 1 No. 10

Bernardo Pasquini (1637–1710)
Toccata con lo scherzo del cuccó for Keyboard Instrument

Alessandro Scarlatti
“Si riscaldi il Tebro“
from 7 Arie con tromba sola

Introduzione XI

“Con voce festiva“
from 7 Arie con tromba sola

Sonata No. 1 for Cello and Basso continuo
Largo – Allegro – Largo – A tempo giusto

Antonio Caldara (1670–1736)
“Pompe inutili“
Aria from the oratorio Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo

Alessandro Scarlatti
“Mio tesoro per te moro“
from 7 Arie con tromba sola


Dennis Orellana Sopranist
Julian Zimmermann Trumpet
Diego Ares Harpsichord
Sophie Lamberbourg Cello

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