Graun Opera Arias
Sep 2023
Friday, September 8, 2023


Graun Opera Arias

Martyna Pastuszka | {oh!} Orkiestra

Margravial Opera House Bayreuth

The Early Music scene is no longer conceivable today without the Romanian-German counter tenor Valer Sabadus. With his precisely intoned, crystal-clear and lyrically emotional voice capable of mastering the most dizzying heights and coloratura with apparent ease, he breathes new life into the old masters, portraying figures on stage in a way that touches the heart.

In this concert he dedicates himself to the stage works of Carl Heinrich Graun, most of which have fallen into oblivion.

Born round 1704/05 in Brandenburg, the composer attracted attention already during his studies; by 1724 he was engaged at the Court in Brunswick as successor to Johann Adolph Hasse. The Prussian Crown Prince Frederick – later the Great – was so affected by his talent that he engaged him at his court in Rheinsberg. Here, under Frederick, Graun composed his most distinguished stage works, including Cleopatra e Cesare, which opened the Königliche Hofoper – today the Berlin Staatsoper ­– also Montezuma, for which the Prussian king himself wrote the libretto.

Accompanied by the Bayreuth “legionaires”, the oh!} Orkiestra under Martyna Pastuszka, Valer Sabadus will astound us with Graun’s musical character studies – in the hope that in future we shall hear more of one of the greats of eighteenth-century music.



Carl Heinrich Graun (1704/05–1759)
Overture from Rodelinda, Regina de’ Longobardi GraunWV B:I:6

“Quest’ o Dio lugubre aspetto”
Aria from Rodelinda, Regina de’ Longobardi GraunWV B:I:6

“Fonte ch’accresci l’onda“
Aria from Rodelinda, Regina de’ Longobardi GraunWV B:I:6

Overture from Cesare e Cleopatra GraunWV B:I:7

“Sulle sponde del torbido lete”
Aria from Artaserse GraunWV B:I:8

“Barbaro non comprendo“
Aria from Adriano in Siria GraunWV B:I:12


Overture from L’Orfeo GraunWV B:I:25

“O più tremar non voglio”
Aria from Demofoonte GraunWV B:I:13

“Misero pargoletto”
Aria from Demofoonte GraunWV B:I:13

Overture from Montezuma GraunWV B:I:29

“Si, per la rea congiura”
Aria from Montezuma GraunWV B:I:29

“Ah Gandarte“ – „Dov’è? s’affretti“
Recitativo accompagnato and Aria from Alessandro e Poro GraunWV B:I:10


Valer Sabadus Counter Tenor
Martyna Pastuszka Musical Director and Violin
{oh!} Orkiestra

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