We are happy to play for you! In order to make this work well, we strictly follow the instructions of the authorities. All performances will take place under strict protection and hygiene measures to further contribute to the containment of the corona virus infection.

Updated 8.9.2021

General information


  • Identification & personal data – In principle, we sell tickets online and collect personal data in the process. In order to be able to ensure the tracing of the chain of infection in case of suspicion, we as organisers are obliged to keep a list of participants. For this reason, we must ask you to leave your name, address and telephone number at the box office when buying tickets. If you buy tickets for several people, their personal data must also be kept ready and provided on request. On the evening of the event itself, all our visitors are obliged to carry their ID and to present it at the box office on request and when buying tickets. We keep the lists of participants in accordance with Art. 5 DSGVO and in compliance with data protection principles, and delete them after the time specified by the authorities. This provision was repealed on 1.9.2021.
  • Covid Tests are not necessary according to the status of 24 June 2021 and the incidence situation of below 50 in the churches and in the Eremitage Garden. If the incidence is above 50, we need to check a current rapid test (<24 hours old), a PCR test (<48 hours old), a vaccination record (2nd vaccination >13 days ago) or a convalescent record (positive PCR test >13 days and <6 months old).
    A new situation has arisen with the decision of 13 August 2021 at the Margravial Opera House: Due to the checkerboard placement, proof is now required that visitors are negatively tested, double vaccinated or recovered (according to the above rules), regardless of incidence. Registration is therefore required here in order to carry out this check.
  • Mouth and nose cover – It is compulsory to wear a medical mouth and nose cover (FFP2 masks are not longer compulsory) in the Opera House, in the churches and in all other event rooms. You may not remove the mouth-nose cover from your seats during the performance.
  • Observance of the general rules of hygiene – Please respect the sneezing and coughing label with consideration for other visitors and staff, keep sufficient distance from other people around you (at least 1.50 metres), and of course: don’t forget to wash your hands! On site, signs and announcements remind visitors of the hygiene rules.
  • Cloakroom – Due to the current regulations we are unfortunately unable to offer a cloakroom service. However, you will have the opportunity to leave your cloakroom on the free seats next to you if you wish.
  • Symptoms – You are obliged to stay away from the event if you have had contact with people affected by Covid-19 or have infected yourself with the virus in the past 14 days. People with obvious cold symptoms will not be admitted to the event. Please refrain from coming if you have any symptoms. To be on the safe side, we may check your body temperature using a forehead thermometer.


Please take a seat


  • Margravial opera house – here is a total of up to 283 seats available (200 until 13.8.2021). These are distributed over the parquet floor and all three tiers. The evening staff on site will be happy to show you the way.
  • Churches – 100 – 190 seats are available in the churches.
  • admission – The admission and guidance system ensures that you can always keep sufficient distance to other people. The theatre opens 45 minutes before the performance begins. We ask you to take your allocated seats as soon as possible.


Box office

45 minutes before the start of each performance, a box office opens in the foyer / entrance where you can only buy tickets for the performance on that evening.


Sanitary facilities


  • Please only enter individually – In the Opera House, the toilet is located on the right after the entrance (also disabled toilet), the main toilet (2 persons may enter here at the same time) is located in the first tier on the left. Opposite the Opera House, behind the Hohenzollern Fountain, there are also toilets.
    In the Stadtkirche, the toilet is located between the towers. In the Schlosskirche please ask our staff or follow the signs.
  • Washing your hands – At the washbasins you will find soap to thoroughly clean your hands. Disinfectant dispensers can be found in the entrance area of the theatre.


Catering during the breaks

Catering services in the Opera House are not offered in the Balkonsaal as usual, but in the public open-air area between the entrance and the Hohenzollern Fountain. In these catering areas we also ask for compliance with hygiene rules and to wear a mask when queuing.


We assure you


  • All neuralgic points or areas in our premises are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • All medical recommendations given by the authorities regarding the treatment of and cooperation with other people are implemented, checked daily and updated accordingly.
  • We inform our employees about these instructions and recommendations via the available communication channels.

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