Niki Psychogiou

Niki Psychogiou is a costume and set designer with perennial experience in the theatre industry. She studied history and archaeology at the University of Athens and performance design at the University of the Arts London, while possessing a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of fashion design, pattern and styling.

Highlights of her career include the play Electra (2018), the modern Greek musical Haunted (2019) and the operas L’Orfeo (2017) and Juditha triumphans (2021). The common features of her work are the iconoclastic approach, aesthetic harmony and functional staging of the space and costumes.

Through her work, she seeks to explore the possibilities of artistic creation in the theatre space, combining traditional and innovative approaches to costume design and set design and creating a dialogue with the audience. She aims to harmoniously blend tradition and modern art, as she perceives the field of costume and set design as an area of artistic experimentation and transformation. She believes in the power of beauty to liberate and revive and the exploration of this captivating force is the main axis of her work.

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