Nel dolce tempo
Sep 2024
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Nel dolce tempo

Luca Pianca | Vittorio Ghielmi

Schlosskirche Bayreuth

Before George Frideric Handel celebrated his breakthrough as an opera composer in 1709 with the first performance of his Agrippina in Venice, he toured the Italian peninsula for several years in order to study in the mother country of opera himself. Here his talent was both challenged as well as promoted by the most important personages in society, politics and the Church – including the influential Medicis and the Roman Cardinal Benedetto Pamphilj. The young Handel had to keep coming up with musical contributions for private soirées, and, since opera performances were prohibited in the church state, while in Rome Handel produced a number of secular cantatas: tender preliminary studies for the great opera seria, which in their emotional intensity reach far beyond the conventions of the genre.

The American-Swiss counter tenor Terry Wey is equally renowned for his virtuosic vocal acrobatics as for the authenticity of his interpretations. In this recital he devotes himself to the cantata production of the young Handel that fell into oblivion for such a long time. Together with the lutenist Luca Piancy and the gambist Vittorio Ghielmi, he explores the emotional depths and astonishing maturity of Handel’s Italian early work.

Terry Wey Counter Tenor
Luca Pianca Lute
Vittorio Ghielmi Viola da Gamba



Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1759)
Figli del mesto cor, HWV 112
Cantata for voice solo and basso continuo
Recitativo: “Figli del mesto cor”
Aria: “Son pur le lagrime”
Recitativo: “Così mia dura sorte”
Aria: “Cruda legge d’un alma costante”
Recitativo: “Volea seguir”

Antoine Forqueray (1672–1745)
La Girouette (Allemande)

Georg Friedrich Händel
Lungi da me, pensier tiranno, HWV 125b
Cantata for voice solo and basso continuo
Recitativo: “Lungi da me, pensier tiranno”
Aria: “Pensier crudele”
Recitativo: “Ma se amor ciò contrasta”
Aria: “Fuggi da questo sen”
Recitativo: “Non sa il mio cor sincere”
Aria: “Tirsi amato”

Johann Friedrich Daube (1730–1797)
Sonata a liuto solo
Ouvertura – Andante. Largo – Menuet

Georg Friedrich Händel
Qualor, crudele sì, ma vaga Dori, HWV 151
Cantata for voice solo and basso continuo
Recitativo: “Qualor, crudele si, ma vaga Dori“
Aria: “Nel pensar che sei l’oggetto”
Recitativo: “Ma poi qualor”
Aria: “Nell’incanto del tuo canto“

Marin Marais (1656–1728)
Allemande “La Marianne”
Sarabande “La Désolée”

Georg Friedrich Händel
Nel dolce tempo, HWV 135b
Cantata for voice solo and basso continuo
Recitativo: “Nel dolce tempo”
Aria: “Pastorella”
Recitativo: “Di pallido color”
Aria: “Senti di te, ben mio”
Recitativo: “Due lumi, un labbro”

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