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Il Pomo d’Oro

Margravial Opera House Bayreuth

For several years now, the award-winning break-dancer and hip-hop fan Jakub Józef Orlínski has been celebrated on the international scene as one of the most sought-after counter tenors of our time. Whether in the New York Carnegie Hall or the London Wigmore Hall: the emotional beauty of his soaring mezzo tone has assured the young Pole a firm place on the famous concert platforms of the world. His interpretation of the aria “Vedro con mio diletto” from Vivaldi’s Griselda in Aix-en-Provence got more than eleven million hits on YouTube – a record for a counter tenor! But he’s not concerned so much with fast fame. He is far more interested in scouting around for unknown and almost forgotten pieces. The musicologist Yannis François has delved into the seventeenth century for this programme and made a multifaceted selection expressing the unique musical art of this era. Works by well-known composers including Claudio Monteverdi, Giulio Caccini and Girolamo Frescobaldi are juxtaposed to arias that have never sounded for almost four hundred years. Composers like the dazzling Giovanni Cesare Netti, the virtuosic adventuress Barbara Strozzi and the Polish universal artist Adam Jarzębskis will be heard here for the first time!

With Beyond, Jakub Józef Orliński and Il Pomo d’Oro transport us to musical domains that reach beyond time – emotional sounds that are not only beyond, but also belong to every epoch: “alive, vibrant, touching, engaging and entertaining”.

Jakub Józef Orliński Counter Tenor
Il Pomo d’Oro



Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643)
“E pur io torno qui”
Aria from L’incoronazione di Poppea SV 308

Biagio Marini (1594–1663)
from Per ogni sorte di strumento musicale op. 22/5

Giulio Caccini (1551–1618)
“Amarilli, mia bella”
Madrigale a voce sola from Le nuove musiche

Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583–1643)
“Così mi disprezzate?”
Aria di passagaglia from Primo libro d’arie musicali per cantarsi F.7/16

Johann Caspar von Kerll (1627–1693)
Sonata for Two Violins in F Major

Barbara Strozzi (1619–1677)
“L’amante consolato”
from Cantate, ariette e duetti op. 2

Francesco Cavalli (1602–1676)
“Incomprensibil nume”
from Pompeo Magno

Carlo Pallavicino (1630–1688)
Sinfonia from Demetrio

Giovanni Cesare Netti (1649–1686)
“Misero core”
Aria from La Filli

“Sì, sì, si sciolga, sì” – “Dolcissime catene”
Recitative and Aria from La Filli

Antonio Sartorio (1630–1680)
“La certezza di sua fede”
from Antonino e Pompeiano

Giovanni Cesare Netti
“Quanto più la donna invecchia”
from L’Adamiro

Adam Jarzębskis (um 1590–1649)
from Canzoni e Concerti a Due, Tre e Quattro Voci, cum Basso continuo

Sebastiano Moratelli (1640–1706)
“Lungi dai nostri cor”
from La faretra smarrita

Performance scores: Editions Charybde & Scylla – Yannis François

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