Muera Cupido
Sep 2024
Thursday, September 12, 2024


Muera Cupido

Candlelight Concert | Fahmi Alqhai | Accademia del Piacere

St George’s Church

Italian opera dominated the musical life of the Baroque era throughout most of Europe. The Iberian Peninsula was no exception. One of the foremost forces in the Spanish music theatre of this time was Sebastián Durón, who was at first active as an organist in Seville Cathedral. He frequently had to contend with the reproach that he was ingratiating himself to the “Italian style”, but the opposite was the case: based on Italian models, Durón developed a fervid and spirited musical idiom that was a great influence on the genre of the zarzuela – the Spanish operetta. He cleverly combined Italian theatrical conventions with the vitality and passion of Spanish folklore.

The extraordinary Catalonian soprano and the brilliant Spanish gambist Fahmi Alquai along with the ensemble Accademia del Piacere are championing the unjustly forgotten composer Durón. In their recital Muera Cupido, they present the highlights of Spanish Baroque opera – the CD album with the same title received an OPUS KLASSIK award in 2020. Besides Durón’s compositions, works of Italian composers can be heard – including Giovanni Bononcini’s – which were found in the Spanish National Library in Madrid and must doubtlessly have provided Durón with some valuable ideas and inspiration.

Nuria Rial Soprano
Fahmi Alqhai Musical Director and Viola da gamba
Accademia del Piacere



Sebastián Durón (1660–1716)
Sinfonía from the comedy Muerte en amor es la ausencia*, reconstructed by Fahmi Alqhai
Grave – Fuga – Proporción

Attributed to Sebastián Durón and José de Torres (c. 1670–1738)
“Y, pues consentir no debo” – “Yo hermosísima Ninfa”
Recitative and Aria from the zarzuela El imposible mayor en amor le vence Amor

Sebastián Durón
“Quantos teméis al rigor”
from the zarzuela Las nuevas armas de Amor
Arietta ytaliana – Rezitado [Brioso] – [Vibo]

Fahmi Alqhai (*1976)
Improvisation: Xácaras & Folías

Sebastián Durón
“Glauco senor, dueno mío”*
from the zarzuela Veneno es de amor la envidia
Aria [Despazio]

“All’assalto de pensieri”*
Cantata, discovered in the Spanish National Library

Santiago de Murcia (1673–1739)
Tarantella & Fandango
arranged by Fahmi Alqhai

Sebastián Durón
“Sosieguen, descansen”
Solo humano from the zarzuela Salir el amor del mundo

Fahmi Alqhai
Improvisation: Marionas

Giovanni Bononcini (1670–1747)
“Pastorella che tra le selve”*
discovered in the Spanish National Library

Fahmi Alqhai

Sebastián Durón
“Muera Cupido”
from the zarzuela Salir el amor del mundo

“Ay, que me abraso de amor en la llama”
Cantada al Santísimo

*First performance in modern times

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